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How Filters Can Increase The Efficiency And Life Of Your Furnace

When looking for ways to extend the life of your furnace, there are many factors to consider. At Duraflow Filtration, we design our filters to last longer than standard industry filters and increase the life of your furnace. 

Filters VS Other Components 

What comes to mind when discussing the life of your furnace is the blower motor. The blower motors tend to burn out quickly and become useless after a small amount of time. A filter can provide hyper-efficiency by bringing up your MERV value rating from thirteen to possibly sixteen. The higher the value, the more particles the filter can capture. 

But suppose your filter is catching those ultrafine particles in the air. In that case, your blower motor is working harder as air is being constrained through your furnace to provide that optimal air quality. This process can burden the load on your blower motor, which will cause the component to wear out faster. 

Our Filter Design

At Duraflow Filtration, we design our furnace filters to be made of aluminum that is see-through so that they can capture more prominent, harmful particles circulating throughout. The aluminum-based filters are also designed to ensure less wear and tear on your blower motor, resulting in longer-lasting furnaces. 

Discover More About Our Filters 

The longer your furnace lasts, the less money you’ll be spending this winter. Contact us today for more details or visit our website for more information. 

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