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What is a MERV Rating?

What is MERV?

Minimum Efficiency Rating Value (MERV) is the measurement of the particle size that a filter will capture.

MERV Ratings for Home Furnaces

There is a MERV scale from 1-16; the higher the MERV rating the smaller the particles the filter can capture.

However, there is a tradeoff. The higher the MERV rating, there will be less airflow. This is why a MERV rating of 8 is the typical rating for the filters in a home furnace.

Can Filters Prevent the Spread of Viruses?

In today’s world, people are concerned with viruses and are looking for ways to limit their spread with filters. If this is your goal, a filter with a MERV 13 is the filter you want. The tradeoff is you may burn up a furnace motor quicker because of it.

Buying Filters in a Store

It is important to note that when you go to a home improvement store to buy a filter, they typically have a different rating system. These systems can be confusing to consumers, so it is best to only pay attention to the MERV ratings.

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