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Blog - Month: April 2017

Month: April 2017

Why Neglecting Your Air Filter Could Be a Disaster

Why Neglecting Your Air Filter Could Be a Disaster

Posted By Admin
April 25, 2017 Category: Air Filters

Possibly the most critical part of your home’s heating and air conditioning system is the air filter. Every hour while your air conditioning is running, all the air in your house will cycle through the system at least once, and maybe twice. All of it passes through a filter each time. That filter acts as the main line of defense against contamination for everyone living there. Many homeowners don’t fully understand the importance of this particular piece of their house. They might replace it once or twice a year and otherwise never think about it. If that sounds like you, then your family and the machinery that keeps your home comfortable could unfortunately be at serious risk. What are the risks of a neglected air filter? Disease, for one, since a clogged filter won’t be able to remove any more harmful bacteria and other contaminants from the air in the house. A clogged filter that gets wet for any reason can even foster the growth of mold—difficult to remove, and a household health disaster. Another risk is mechanical, because the restricted airflow causes the air conditioning unit to work harder to pull air through the vents. This can cause fan motors to burn out. Worse still is if the filter is damaged or missing; contaminants could then enter the system’s coils and clog them up. A dirty air filter is therefore one that continually runs up your energy bills, and may soon cause a need for costly servicing and repair work. What does pro

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