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Our Advantages -


Duraflow Industries has three main advantages over our competition:


We have the equipment and resources to respond quickly to your needs for a short production run. We practice a production system known as LEAN, which incorporates the values of a multitude of other production systems used by the top manufacturing companies and pioneered by Toyota™.

Short Lead Times

We practice just-in-time (JIT) production techniques to maintain production flexibility. JIT gives us the agility to meet fast turnaround times for our customers.


We stay in touch with our customers throughout the production cycle. Our integrated systems give us the ability to track each job in process and correctly forecast completion times.

One of our OEM customers requisitioned 900 custom filters. Duraflow had produced this part for them in the past. A complex part, it took three weeks to produce. But this time, the customer needed the filters in three days. We put all our resources to work, finished the job and shipped it on time.

We have proven ourselves time and again with our customers. And because of this, we have established long-standing relationships with them.

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