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Blog - Month: October 2021

Month: October 2021

Get to Know Your Filter - Filter Terminology

Get to Know Your Filter   Filter Terminology

Posted By Duraflow
October 27, 2021 Category: Filters

When ordering your filter, it helps to know exactly what you need. In addition to all of the helpful information we have on our website, we wanted to go over some of the terms you might need to

What is a MERV Rating?

What is a MERV Rating

Posted By Duraflow
October 20, 2021 Category: MERV Rating

Minimum Efficiency Rating Value (MERV) is the measurement of the particle size that a filter will

About Duraflow Filtration

About Duraflow Filtration

Posted By Duraflow
October 15, 2021 Category: About Us

Duraflow Industries has been supplying high-quality filters and customer services since the 1970s. Based just outside of Cleveland, Ohio, we serve a wide variety of

Filters for Any Industry

Filters for Any Industry

Posted By Duraflow
October 07, 2021 Category: Industries

Duraflow Filtration is your go-to partner when you need a high-quality filter. We serve so many industries with various types of

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