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Activated Carbon and Air Filtration

Activated Carbon and Air Filtration | Duraflow FiltrationWhen it comes to a cost-effective method of removing contamination in both air and water, activated carbon is recognized for the contributions it makes to improved health, especially as it relates to air quality filtration systems. So, what exactly is activated carbon and what makes it so unique for improving the quality of the air we breathe?

Without getting too technical, it helps to view activated carbon as a form of carbon produced through distillation of materials like peat and wood that is then heated to a high temperature, resulting in a highly porous product that easily absorbs vapors, gases and colloidal particles.

When used in air filters designed specifically to filter gases utilizing a bed of activated carbon, the process eliminates potentially volatile organic compounds found in the home or business.

Did You Know Activated Carbon Removes Contaminants?

Because of its unique ability to attract and cling to organic chemicals found in liquids and vapors, activated carbon is able to remove contamination. For this very reason persons who are experiencing food poisoning, or who have ingested harmful chemicals, are encouraged to treat the threat to their health by drinking a small amount of activated carbon.

Did You Know Activated Carbon Is Used In Many Industrial Applications?

Aside from being the primary active component in air filtration, active carbon is used in many
industries and for various applications throughout the world.

  • Medical: In addition to the aforementioned role in treating poisonings and overdoses, activated carbon is used in some countries to treat indigestion, flatulence and diarrhea.
  • Environmental: Because of its ability to remove pollutants found in air and water sources, activated carbon can be found, not only in filtration systems treating air quality, but also filtration systems that treat drinking water and the remediation of groundwater.
  • Agriculture: Activated carbon is used in the production of organic livestock and organic wine production. It is often added to livestock feed, as well as being used as a pesticide.

In addition to the vital role it plays in these industries, activated carbon can be found in purification processes for gas, chemicals, distilled alcoholic beverages and in fuel storage processes. It is also found in the capturing of organic compounds found in paints, the dispensing of gasoline and dry cleaning operations.

As a major supplier of air filtration to the electronics, industrial supply / MRO, power generation and wholesale distribution industry, Duraflow Industries stands apart from the competition through fast delivery times and just-in-time production techniques. Contact us today for additional information on their full product line.

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