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Improve Your Home Air Quality Using Activated Carbon Air FIlters

Carbon Air Filter | Duraflow IndustriesWith our modern lifestyle keeping us inside more than ever, it is important for our health that the air we breath is of good quality. Without air filtration, the levels of organic compounds and inorganic gases in our home’s air may become concerning. We may begin to ask ourselves, how can we improve our indoor air quality?

Substances in unfiltered air within our homes may pose serious health risks if breathed over long periods of time. But what makes activated carbon air filters superior than other options, and what are the benefits of using a carbon air filter?

1. Improved health

There is a lot of stray particles and irritants in the air around us. If we are to feel our best, it is important that these substances are removed. Dust, pollen, mold, pet hair and dander, or other allergens that can have a large enough influence on the body to begin to make you feel dizzy and fatigued. It is important that any air filter be of high enough quality to remove these allergens can show significant improvements in health.

2. Engineered for superior air quality

Activated carbon air filters are engineered to disallow complex chemical impregnation and remove harmful organic compounds. Carbon in the filter is activated by treating it with oxygen, creating a uniquely porous surface, not unlike a sponge-type structure. This material improves the filter's ability to sufficiently purify air.

3. Chemical layers for acidic and alkali substances

Removing acidic and alkali substances from the air can prove to be impossible for air filters of lesser quality, making any extra cost well worth the money. Removing these more complicated substances requires a chemical blend to be applied to the air filter. Not only is activated carbon a good medium for removing organic compounds, but it also serves as an excellent substrate for these chemical applications.

4. High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) quality air filtration

These filters make so much of a difference that they are used as the basis for HEPA air filters, which are trusted as a de facto choice for medical environments. Not only can they significantly reduce the negative substances found in cigarette smoke, they can also be used to trap different viruses and bacteria.

5. Chemical considerations

Beyond just acidic and alkali substances, and organic compounds, activated carbon air filters can also be used to reduce or eliminate airborne chemicals like ammonia. These chemical substances can have a very detrimental effect on the human body and its respiration system. If these substances are not removed from the air you breath, it can result in a number of ailments, and prolonged exposure can create significant health problems.

Do you have more reasons why carbon air filters are superior air filters? Leave comments below.

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