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Why Changing Your Air Filter Is Important

Why do I need to change my Air Filter | Duraflow Air FilterationAn air filter is an important part of a vehicle, heating or HVAC system or any other piece of equipment that requires an air filter. Filters remove debris and allergens from the air, cleansing the air and improving air quality. Here’s why changing the air filter is important.

Benefits of Changing an Air Filter

Air filters have a dual purpose: to improve air quality and to enable equipment to function properly. Staying on top of replacing an air filter is important to ensure clean, breathable air and that equipment are functioning properly.

Clean Air to Breath

Filters cleanse the air and improve air quality by catching debris that is pulled into the system. Dander, pollen, and other elements are trapped in an air filter which means these irritants cannot cause reactions and respiratory issues. Filters can also remove odors. Cleaner air means better air quality and improved breathing conditions.

More Efficient Equipment

An air filter is a pivotal item to the equipment that utilizes them. The filter ensures the equipment functions properly. By removing debris from the air the equipment functions more efficiently. When an air filter is full of debris or clogged, the rest of the system has to work harder. This will cause unnecessary wear on a system and can cause other components to break down prematurely. When a system is working with a clogged filter more energy is used. Not only is this inefficient, but it is also more costly. If the filter is not replaced it may even cause a system to overheat or break down completely.

When to Change an Air Filter

Air filters and the systems they are used in have different requirements, so there is no one-size-fits-all approach to determining when the replace a filter. Some equipment may feature a light that indicates when a filter is due for a replacement. Aside from the type of filter used, other factors, like the conditions under which it is used, determine when it is time to change a filter. In a work situation that involves construction, animals, a laboratory or exposure to chemicals, replacing the filter regularly is necessary to ensure safe conditions.

Importance of Air Filters

Air filters remove odor and allergens, making air breathable. Filters also allow equipment to function more efficiently. Replacing the air filter on a regular schedule ensures equipment lasts as long as possible, operates more efficiently and uses as little energy as possible.

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