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Understanding the 3 Types of Mechanical Ventilation

What types of Ventilation are there? | Duraflow IndustriesIf you’re looking to renovate your home or build a new one, it’s important to understand a critical component of its structure: ventilation. The system in which air flows through your home is known as whole-house ventilation, which uses fans to exchange outdoor with indoor air and aims to improve air quality. It helps reduce the amount of contaminants found in indoor air and control the humidity in your home, which can be extremely beneficial for your quality of living. There are three basic types of whole-house mechanical ventilation, and by understanding each you can choose the best one for you.

1. Exhaust-only ventilation

This ventilation type uses a fan to move indoor air out of your home, while outdoor air is drawn in through leaks. Some benefits of this type include the low costs of installation and maintenance, but there are also several drawbacks. For one, exhaust-only ventilation can draw contaminants into your home from areas such as an attic or crawlspace, and could also move moisture from the outside into a wall cavity that then leads to problems such as rot and mold.

2. Supply-only ventilation

This type of ventilation is the opposite of exhaust-only, as instead of pushing indoor air out, it draws outdoor air in using fans. The indoor air escapes through a system of exhaust fan ducts as well as the building enclosure. The outdoor air comes in from a single source that is chosen specifically for its high air quality, which can be a benefit for people seeking clean air in their home. Furthermore, this type has a low installation cost and reduces contaminants that can be drawn in from the building’s enclosure. However, it can still result in moisture problems in the walls that result from humidity drawn in from outside.

3. Balanced ventilation

The third type of ventilation combines the other two by using fans to draw air both into and out of a building. This system has all the benefits of exhaust-only and supply-only, such as reduced contaminants and control of air supply, without many of the drawbacks like humidity in the walls. However, the cost is higher than the other two options.

If you need any assistance choosing the best ventilation for your house - contact a Duraflow Industries expert. 

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