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Revolutionizing Filtration Manufacturing with Duraflow: Embracing Roll Forming Services



At Duraflow Industries, our passion for innovative solutions continues to drive us forward. We're proud to announce that our in-house roll forming process, an integral part of our manufacturing capabilities, is now available for our clients.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Use: Roll forming allows us to create the frames that form an essential part of every filter we produce, irrespective of type.
  • In-House Expertise: About a year ago, we introduced roll forming into our manufacturing process, and it has since become a vital part of our production.
  • Supplying Raw Materials: We're not just using roll formed aluminum frames for our filters, we're now offering them to clients who manufacture their own filters. This means that we can supply this essential raw material to your doorstep.
  • Customizable Lengths: While the standard lengths for roll formed frames are usually 8ft or 16ft, we can cater to different needs. We advise these lengths for ease of transport, but we're always ready to work around unique requirements.

At Duraflow Industries, we're not just about creating top-quality filters. We're about providing comprehensive solutions that allow our clients to enhance their operations. If you're in the business of producing filters and require quality roll formed frames, we're the team to call.

Ready to enhance your filter production? Reach out to us at and let us help you meet your manufacturing needs.

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Stay Hydrated with Refreshingly Cool Water: Ensure Your Water Cooler's Performance with Duraflow Industries

Posted By Duraflow
August 18, 2023 Category: Water Cooler Filtration, Filtered Water

Beat the summer heat with Duraflow Industries! Keep your water cool and clean with our high-quality filters.

Breathe Easier with Duraflow Industries' Activated Carbon Filters: Your Solution for Smoke and Odor Removal

Posted By Duraflow
August 18, 2023 Category: Activated Carbon Filters, Air Quality, Clean Air Solutions

    At Duraflow Industries, we understand the unprecedented challenges that the world faces due to environmental factors, such as smoke from forest affecting air quality. As leading filter manufacturers, we are committed to finding solutions to improve air quality and mitigate these issues. Our response to this emerging problem is an activated carbon filter material. This product is designed to absorb smoke and odor compounds effectively, providing immediate relief to those affected by the smoke. The activated carbon filter comes with the following features: Easily cut to size to fit in floor vents or laid over existing furnace filters Low air restriction allows for efficient filtration without hindering air flow Highly effective in absorbing smoke odors, enhancing the indoor air quality With these attributes, the activated carbon filter is an immediate solution to reduce smoke infiltration in homes and offices. Just last week, when smoke was thick in our area, we utilized layers of this material over the air filters in our air conditioning units at our shop. The result was significantly improved air quality. We offer this filter material in bulk roll form and in pre-cut pieces, based on your needs. You can easily cut the filter to your desired size or let us do it for you. Take the first step towards breathing cleaner air. Visit our website and find out more about our activated carbon filters. Protect your health and improve y

Revolutionizing Filtration Manufacturing with Duraflow: Embracing Roll Forming Services

Posted By Duraflow
August 18, 2023 Category: Roll Forming, Filter Manufacturing, Industry Innovation

Duraflow Industries is now offering our in-house roll forming process to clients, making filter manufacturing more efficient than ever.

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