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Our Updated Lead Times


With the global pandemic moving along and causing havoc, supply chains worldwide are dealing with issues and product setbacks. Millions of businesses worldwide are coping with their lead times being drastically changed in a small amount of time. At Duraflow Industries, we believe it's essential to update our clients on dealing with this rapidly evolving process. 

Duraflow's Standards 

At Duraflow Industries, we work hard to ensure you get your products within the established time limit. We let our clients know that we are getting things done as quickly as possible. 

As of October 2021, Duraflow Industries is announcing that we are no longer ensuring lead times for our clients. We believe in time manufacturing techniques and constant continuous improvement. These are ISO (International Organization for Standardization) terms for the manufacturing techniques we try to adapt within our business structure. 

To maintain our product-to-client timeframe, we use technology to improve our lead times during these challenging and uncertain times. The technology we are using is a system called Kanban. By balancing demands with available capacity and improving the handling of system-level bottlenecks, Kanban is a lean approach to managing and enhancing work across human systems.

The current issue Duraflow Industries and millions of other companies are facing right now is problems with raw materials. As we navigate the new post-pandemic world, we see a rise in raw material supply chain prices. 

Find Out More About Lead Times At Duraflow Industries

All of our clients are valuable customers. We want to make sure we are one-hundred percent transparent when discussing lead times for products. We do not like to tell stories - we like to speak the truth and be as correct as possible on these new lead times. Please find out more by visiting our website or contacting us. 

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