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Industrial Metal Filters

Duraflow Industries is known for our quality filters at competitive prices. But what makes us the best choice for residential, commercial, and industrial filters is our custom options, short lead times, and our reliability! 

If you own or are working in a commercial facility or industrial factory, our washable metal filters are perfect for protecting your internal filters downstream. 

About Industrial Washable Metal Filters

These robust filters are designed to cover the air intake on commercial buildings. They prevent birds, bugs, leaves, etc., from being sucked into the system. 

There are many applications in which these metal filters can help protect your systems. 

They can be made from aluminum, galvanized steel, or even stainless steel for really corrosive type environments.

Washable Metal Filter Sizes

Our filters are custom-tailored to suit the application needs; any length, any width, and any thickness up until about six inches thick.

How Long Do Metal Filters Last?

As with most filters, longevity depends on the environment and maintenance. In order to properly answer this question, we would need to speak with the customer to learn what the needs are for their specific application.

Learn More About Duraflow Industrial Filters

If you are interested in learning more about our washable metal filters to protect your air intake systems, contact us today!

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