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Increasing Machine Productivity and Life with Clean Filters

Duraflow Filtration | Increasing Machine Productivity and Life with Clean FiltersFilters are used in multiple industries across a variety of applications. Electronic equipment, power generators, appliances and more utilize filters. Plus, both housing and industrial markets need filters. In short, if a machine or device has a fan, it requires a filter.

The role of filters is to remove debris, allergens and pollutants from the air or water which flows through it. This filtration produces cleaner air and water which protects people on the receiving end of the process. Also, it protects the machinery to increase productivity and the life of the equipment.

Let’s look at a few examples.


Electronic components produce heat when in use. Fans installed within each unit keep the device from overheating. Filters protect the fan from debris which damages machine parts. This proves true of all electronics from small to mammoth in size.

With our culture’s growing need to automate, the applications for filters in electronic devices are endless. ATM machines and kiosks use filters. In the health industry, blood pressure machines and other medical equipment require filters. Even traffic light controllers make use of this vital part.

Power Generation

Creating power builds heat which calls, again, for fans and filters. Equipment used to generate electrical power for heating or cooling a building, sourcing light or powering up computers demands differing sizes and types of filters.

From the small generator which powers your home to the massive products lighting and heating cities, filters come into play. Micro grid systems, frequency converters, DC power equipment, pre-conditioned air systems and control buildings are a few examples.


You may not often think of the fan installed within your appliances, but this workhorse goes about its job. And, this means a filter is present as well. Range hoods, refrigerators and freezers seem the most obvious choices. However, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers all use filters as well.

The list goes on. Take one look in your basement and garage to find more examples. Lawn mowers, weed eaters, air conditioning units, heating systems and water softening units function improperly without clean filters.

Filters of varying sizes, made from different materials and ranging in shape and specification keep machinery across industries running at top performance. Aluminum, charcoal, spun glass, washable or disposable, framed or unframed filters prove to be the silent worker which keeps air and water clean.

Replacing dirty, damaged or worn filters ensures longer appliance life and increased efficiency of any machine. Even more importantly, they protect us from debris, pollutants and allergens to keep us healthy and productive as well.

If you need a filter check out our online store or contact us so we can get the right fit for you. 

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