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How Your Contract Manufacturer Can Save You Money

Contract Manufacturers Can Save You Money | Duraflow Industries

The ability to save money can make or break a business. When it comes to your filter needs, you want a product that is high-quality and can be produced as efficiently and inexpensively as possible. Hiring a contract manufacturer can help you achieve these goals by producing a product that meets your requirements, while also coming in at an ideal price point. 

Here are some other benefits you will get when you hire a contract manufacturer:

Get Rid of the Middleman

Small-to-medium-sized businesses often work with third-party manufacturing engineering services to create prototypes and products based on a company’s specifications. But, these designs may not always translate well when it comes to manufacturing large quantities. Often, our internal engineering and manufacturing teams will need to reconfigure a product design to fit our production capabilities. Manufacturing engineering services are also typically costly. So, by dropping a third-party’s services in favor of working more closely with your contract manufacturer, will save you money.

Internal Support

Our in-house design, engineering and manufacturing teams understand our workflow processes and the capabilities of our equipment. Our team can put this knowledge to work to figure out how it is possible to save time without sacrificing quality in the production of your filters.

Production schedules can be tricky to manage when different turnarounds, contractual obligations and other issues come into play. Our in-house team understands all of these factors, and can prioritize your production run to maximize efficiency, while maintaining the quality you require and your customers expect from your brand.

Other Ways to Save

Taking full advantage of the engineering services provided by your contract manufacturer can also save you money in other ways, including:

  • Re-engineering your product design to maximize our assembly capabilities.
  • Optimizing material selection to fit the needs and requirements of your product while utilizing less expensive alternative materials.
  • Benefitting from best practices we have learned from working in the industry on a variety of jobs for different clients.
  • In-house analysis, testing and review to ensure you receive the highest quality product.
  • Access to updated production records, should this information be required for a recall.

Learn More

Partnering with a dependable contract manufacturer can help move your business forward, by cutting costs without cutting quality. Contact Duraflow Industries to find out how we can streamline the production process to save you money on the production of your filters.

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