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Granular Activated Carbon

What is Granular Activated Carbon?

Granular activated carbon is essentially charcoal that has a wide variety of applications. The most common application for granular activated carbon is in residential kitchen range hoods for odor absorption. 

In a typical residential kitchen, this carbon will last about 12-18 months. If you have the metal tray application, you can simply replace the carbon. If you do not have the metal tray, we can supply a filter that is loaded with charcoal.

What is the Difference between Carbon Filters and Granular Carbon?

The carbon pads are impregnated with granular carbon. It's ground up into a dust, and through a liquid phase, it is absorbed into the pad. 

There's far less carbon in those pads than in the granular carbon. The granular carbon will last longer, it's more effective, and it's less expensive. 

The biggest benefit of the carbon pads is that they are much less messy. The granular carbon can create a lot of dust when touched and can leave a black residue on your hands, much like charcoal. 

Learn More About Granular Activated Carbon 

There are so many applications, both residential and industrial, where granular activated carbon can be extremely useful. Contact us today to learn more!

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