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Don't Let Your Ice Machine Run Up Your Cost

For restaurants, bars or cafes, ice is an absolute essential, especially in the summers. If you own an ice machine, ensuring the availability of quality ice should be your top concern. How well your ice machine works when you need it the most is entirely dependent on how you take care of it.

Change your Ice Machine's Filter | Duraflow IndustriesThere is nothing more disappointing than a glass of lukewarm beverage on a sweltering summer day! You need to make sure your ice machine is working up to its optimal efficiency. Otherwise, you can face numerous issues including customer complaints, lower quality drinks, breach of health codes, etc.

Here is all you need to know in order to avoid such a blow to your business.


Is Your Ice Maker Ready for the Heat?

The demand for ice can rise drastically due to the weather, but the performance of your ice machine might actually decline. Indoor kitchens can get extremely hot in summers and ice machines have to work double time to meet the growing demand. Almost every establishment, restaurants or bars serve refreshing cocktails and chilly beverages that are incomplete without a few ice cubes.

Hence, precautions must be taken to extend the life of your ice machine. This includes regular maintenance which can ensure the availability and quality of ice. If your ice maker is unable to make ice within the expected time or there is a noticeable change in color or taste, it might be in need of urgent maintenance.

Problems Caused by Lack of Care

Ice machines in bars or outdoor patios really suffer in the summer heat. It is not uncommon for owners to forget about much needed cleaning or repair until the poor machine finally gives up. Delayed cleaning or improper maintenance does not only disrupt the availability of ice, it can also lead to various health issues.

Ice produced by an unclean machine is likely to be contaminated by bacteria due to accumulation of mold in the filter. This will not only lower the quality of your drinks, but also creates a bad impression of your business. More importantly, it’s a serious health code violation which can lead to different penalties. 

Additionally, an ice machine that is not working efficiently will consume more energy than a well-maintained one.

How to Take Care of Your Ice Machine?

The condenser coil and filter needs to be cleaned more frequently than you realize. It is a good idea to schedule professional maintenance and service early in the summer. You can either learn how to do it yourself or get help from professionals who will dismantle the machine, clean all the parts, change the filter and put it back together for uninterrupted operations.

How Often Does an Ice Machine Need Maintenance?

According to FDA regulations, the quality of ice is just as important as the quality of other edible items. Ice machines must be cleaned and sanitized at least 2 to 4 times a year. Depending on the usage, placement and several other factors, the ideal frequency of cleaning may be higher.

Try to keep a track of service dates and plan ahead to stay on top of your maintenance schedule. Make a maintenance plan and ensure that it is diligently followed, especially before summertime. If your machine needs a filter, check out our inventory.

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