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Disposable Furnace Filters

As a homeowner, replacing the filters in your furnace is a duty that can often be neglected. However, a fresh filter can help you breathe better, keep your home cleaner, and increase the life of your furnace. 

Today, we are featuring our disposable furnace filters just in time for your annual fall replacement!

About Disposable Furnace Filters 

Our disposable furnace filters come in a wide variety of sizes and MERV ratings to best fit your home's needs.

MERV Rating / Performance Rating on Furnace Filters 

The MERV rating is an efficiency scale that allows you to choose the level you need for your home. Typically, disposable furnace filters can range from 8-15 MERV ratings. 

Pleated Furnace Filters 

These filters are also available in what's called a high-capacity filter. The pleating on the filter increases the surface area to lessen the strain on your furnace motor at home.

We offer a multitude of sizes and MERV-rated filters to best fit your furnace.

Why Choose Duraflow Vs. Big Box Stores?

MERV ratings are industry-standard, whereas chain stores sell filters with other rating systems that are not industry standard to confuse the buyers. 

How Long Do Disposable Furnace Filters Last?

The lifespan of your furnace filter will depend on your home. If you have pets or live in a dusty environment, this will shorten the life of your filter. 

We suggest checking your filter on a routine basis to ensure it is clean and working properly. There is no cleaning and no maintenance necessary with these disposable filters; just replace it when it's time!

Learn More About Duraflow Disposable Furnace Filters 

If you are interested in learning more about our disposable furnace filters or any of our other high-quality filters, contact us today or browse our online store. 

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