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Carbon Range Filters

Eliminate Cooking Odors in Your Kitchen!

The carbon range filter is an excellent choice for your kitchen range if you do a lot of cooking at home! This filter is designed to absorb cooking odor from the air.

Carbon filters are expendable, meaning they should not be washed and re-used. This is because the carbon acts as a sponge and will retain whatever is applied to it. If they are washed, they will not work as well. 

However, the carbon range filter is designed to last about 12 months, depending on how much cooking and frying you do. 

Carbon Filter Composition 

These filters have an aluminum frame with a metal grid on both sides, with a carbon-infused pad in the middle. 

Carbon Range Filter Sizes

We offer a wide range of dimensions for these filters as well as customizable options.

Learn More About the Carbon Range Filters 

If you are interested in learning more about the Duraflow Carbon Range Filters, contact us today!

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