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5 Essential Reasons to Tune Up Your Furnace Before Fall

The Winter heating season is around the bend. The clamor of back-to-school children and imminent change in leaf color warns of its arrival. And while the need for preparation is not as work intensive as the area’s early settlers, a few fall tasks, such as a furnace tune up, make for a less troublesome winter.

The need to heat your house arrives as early as October some years, especially with lake effect weather conditions. With the Farmer’s Almanac predicting a harsh winter, this year could just be one of them. Getting your furnace in tip-top shape before the snow flies promises a cozy, warm place for you and your family to seek refuge.

Why tackle this project before the fall?

5 Essential Reasons to Tune Up Your Furnace Before Fall | Duraflow IndustriesReduce Risk of Problems

When the wind chills drop below zero, it’s no time for your furnace to fail. Imagine the festive arrival of family for the holidays with no heat. Systems which work at the start of the season may experience problems with the daily demands of winter. An autumn tune up decreases this risk and keeps your family and guests focused on life, not on how to get warm.

Enhance Health and Safety

Your most valuable treasures reside inside your home. The winter holidays bring many more in the form of guests. Furnaces use fossil fuels to heat your home lending to the winter memories made within its walls. A well-maintained system keeps the heat in and the harmful by products (such as carbon monoxide, VOCs and methane) of fossil fuels out.

Rack Up Energy Savings

With the long cold season in Northeast Ohio, the option of turning off your furnace fails to be a viable one. Saving money where you can becomes vital. A furnace tune up ensures your system is running at peak performance. And increased efficiency means decreased heating bills. After all, poorly maintained systems require more energy to run.

Extend Furnace Life

Saving dollars includes not replacing your all-too-valuable furnace. Routine, yearly maintenance extends the life of appliances, including furnaces. To get the best return on investment from your home’s heating source schedule a yearly fall tune up.

Maintain Your Warranty

When a furnace fails, the presence of a warranty brings financial peace of mind. Unfortunately, neglecting regular maintenance by a licensed professional voids some warranties. Denied coverage means all expenses come out of your pocket.

Servicing your furnace in the fall includes cleaning, changing filters, checking for leaks plus testing performance and parts. A licensed HVAC professional gets the job done.

For a yearly filter change, contact us. We carry the knowledge and quality filters perfect for your system. 

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