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Wholesale Distributor of Appliance Parts Chooses Filters from Trusted Supplier

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Wholesale Distributor of Appliance Parts Chooses Filters from Trusted Supplier
When a wholesale distributor of appliance parts wanted to reduce its vendor list and increase market share, Duraflow Industries delivered. The wholesale distributor sells appliance repair parts to wholesalers across the United States. Wholesalers want an alternative to high OEM prices, but they also want a distributor who provides everything from gaskets and knobs to oven range and humidifier filters.

For wholesale distributors, meeting this demand for "one-stop shopping" requires proper vendor management. Reducing the number of companies in a vendor list can reduce risk, but single-sourcing a category of components won't guarantee supply chain strength. That's why they chose Duraflow Industries for filtration products. Today, Duraflow supplies the company with high-quality filters for both new and obsolete parts in a variety of quantities and at competitive pricing.   

Flexible Quantities and Rebate Program

Wholesale Distribution | Duraflow IndustriesDuraflow can provide wholesalers with lower volumes of obsolete parts and higher volumes of newer, more popular filters. With obsolete designs, finding a replacement part in any quantity can be challenging.  At Duraflow Industries, however, we can cross-reference older OEM part numbers and re-create designs based on dimensions or pictures. At our facility near Cleveland, Ohio, we can even make one-off filters and reproduce unusual filter constructions.        

Duraflow also supplies higher volumes of newer parts. We deliver thousands of appliance filters each month, and support the wholesale distributor's co-op rebate programs This tiered approach is tailored to our partner, too. Plus, Duraflow supports advertising co-op programs that are time-sensitive. During the fall, for example, we can increase a wholesale distributor's percentages to support efforts clear out excess inventory before their end-of-year.

Pre-Paid Freight, Consistent Deliveries, and a Valued Relationship

In addition to competitive filter pricing, Duraflow provides Exact Replacement Parts with pre-paid freight and consistent, reliable deliveries. Sometimes, however, lead times change if there are kinks in the supply chain like stock-outs. Because we're committed to long-term relationships that are built on trust, Duraflow notifies the wholesale distributor promptly about any potential difficulties. We also make things right when there's a problem.

Once, when the dimensions on a new line of humidifier filters were incorrect, the President of Duraflow Industries did more than just pick up the phone and apologize. Mark Sliman made the 10-hour roundtrip drive to Exact Replacement Parts' headquarters to pick-up the part and discuss the solution. By overcoming this challenge, Duraflow strengthened its relationship with the wholesale distributor and is working to become its sole supplier of filtration products.


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