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Don't Neglect Your Power Generator's Air Flow

In order for your power generator to run most efficiently, it needs good air flow. Some companies rely heavily on power generators to power their entire plant, where others reserve their power generator as a backup in case of an emergency. In either case, if something were to go wrong with your power generator, the result could be catastrophic.

One thing that can affect the way your generator runs is leaving it to operate without an air filter, or keeping up on its regular maintenance on that filter. Our world is full of particulates in the air that can damage the interior of combustion engines. Filtering the air ensures that those harmful pieces of debris don't have a chance to harm your generator.

Issues Caused by Poor Air Filtering

  • Don't Neglect Your Power Generator's Air Flow | Duraflow IndustriesPower loss is one of the most common problems associated with having inadequate air flow. This is most common with clogged filters that aren't being maintained properly. Air is needed to mix with fuel to ensure the fuel burns properly, and a clogged filter will block the proper air flow from reaching the engine, reducing the power that can be produced.
  • Damage to pistons, cylinders and other internal components is caused by debris that can enter an engine that isn't being filtered properly. This can lead to the complete failure of a piston if the damage wears down the cylinder walls or piston rings to the point that it no longer compresses fuel and air correctly.
  • Higher fuel consumption is a common way that generators compensate for poor air flow. To achieve the same level of output from the engine, it will consume fuel faster than it should be. The wasted fuel means filling up the generator's tank more frequently and missing out on the energy that otherwise would have been created.

Whether the generator you use is for a home, a commercial business or even military grade operations, not having the proper air filtration will eventually lead to bigger problems. If the generator you're using doesn't have a quality air filter, or if the filter has been neglected in the routine maintenance schedule then it's time to seek out professional help to make sure everything is working correctly.

If you need assistance with air flow for your power generator, for fast, reliable and professional service consider contacting Duraflow Industries to help. We have an engineer on hand you can speak with to talk about the specifications of your generator. Our online shop allows you to order what you need at any time as well, making it easy to find your solution quickly and without hassle.


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