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Do HEPA Filters Really Work?

Do HEPA Filters Really Work

Posted By Admin
May 30, 2017 Category: HEPA Filters, IAQ, Indoor Air Quality

For some, being indoors during allergy season is a safe haven. But, what do you do when your allergies are triggered by the dust and dirt in your own home? Or if your air conditioner isn’t filtering out the outdoor allergens? Using a HEPA filter is one of the most common types of filters that can prevent your allergies from flaring up, but do they really work?  This article will find out if HEPA filters are better than regular filters, and whether HEPA filters really work.  What is a HEPA Filter? A HEPA filter is a high-efficiency particulate air filter.  It is a mechanical air filter, and uses fine mesh to trap all the particles it encounters.  HEPA filters will trap pollens, dander, tobacco smoke, and dust mites.  They come with different types of vacuums, and can be used for other devices in the home. Does a HEPA Filter Really Work? HEPA filters have been shown to work effectively, especially for those that suffer from allergies.  Combining HEPA filters with effective ways to get rid of the source of the dust and pollens in your home can work effectively.  On their own, HEPA filters can provide clean air, but if the dust, pollens, and other allergens aren’t stopped at the source, they won’t do you much good. What Else Can I do? If you’re trying to keep your home dust and pollen free, using a HEPA filter is a good start.  However, you should still vacuum regularly, change the bedding frequently, and keep

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