The Importance of Air Filters

The Importance of Air Filters

You may not see us very often but you probably own something with one of our products inside. To keep it simple, Duraflow creates air filters for residential and industrial appliances. Many of our products used in homes or offices are found in places such as:

Over your stove is a range hood that has filters designed to trap things that are flying around the air while you're cooking. Say you're frying some food, the filtration system above the stove has filters that catch the grease to make sure it’s not being spread around your kitchen and coating everything with a greasy texture. The filters also help trap odors from whatever you’re cooking.

Air Purifiers
Air purifiers continue to be popular in homes and offices, these products use a number of filters that help clean the air which is especially important for individuals with allergies.

During winter time the air becomes dry and that is when people bring out their humidifiers. Duraflow creates the water pads inside your humidifier to help fight the dry outside air.

Our Projects
Not all of our filters are for home and office products. Duraflow is creating filters for Marathon Coach, maker of RV motor coaches. The purpose of these filters for the RV’s is to keep the air inside the vehicle clean. We have also created filters for military power generators. These power generators are run by jet turbine engines and can be damaged from sand in the air out in the Middle East, which is where our filters play a major role. These power generators help give electricity to military aircrafts that are in places where there is no source of power.

Why They Matter
Air filters are not a common thing people think about during their day, but they play an important role. Our filters make it possible for you to get the best air quality from your products. Air filters help trap dirt, dust and debris to give you cleaner air or extend the life of applications that are easily damaged from dirt and debris.

Duraflow is here to help. You can visit our site, to find local Duraflow dealers close to you. You can also call or email us with any questions and we will be happy to work with you.

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By Admin
April 25, 2017 Category • Air Filters

Possibly the most critical part of your homes heating and air conditioning system is the air filter. Every hour while your air conditioning is running, all the air in your house will cycle through the system at least once, and maybe twice. All of it passes through a filter each time. That filter acts as the main line of defense against contamination for everyone living there. Many homeowners dont fully understand the importance of this particular piece of their house. They might replace it once or twice a year and otherwise never think about it. If that sounds like you, then your family and the machinery that keeps your home comfortable could unfortunately be at serious risk. What are the risks of a neglected air filter? Disease, for one, since a clogged filter wont be able to remove any more harmful bacteria and other contaminants from the air in the house. A clogged filter that gets wet for any reason can even foster the growth of molddifficult to remove, and a household health disaster. Another

By Admin
March 28, 2017 Category • Mechanical Ventilation

If youre looking to renovate your home or build a new one, its important to understand a critical component of its structure: ventilation. The system in which air flows through your home is known as whole-house ventilation, which uses fans to exchange outdoor with indoor air and aims to improve air quality. It helps reduce the amount of contaminants found in indoor air and control the humidity in your home, which can be extremely beneficial for your quality of living. There are three basic types of whole-house mechanical ventilation, and by understanding each you can choose the best one for you. 1. Exhaust-only ventilation This ventilation type uses a fan to move indoor air out of your home, while outdoor air is drawn in through leaks. Some benefits of this type include the low costs of installation and maintenance, but there are also several drawbacks. For one, exhaust-only ventilation can draw contaminants into your home from areas such as an attic or crawlspace, and could also move

By Admin
February 16, 2017 Category • Indoor Air Quality, Filters, Activated Carbon

With our modern lifestyle keeping us inside more than ever, it is important for our health that the air we breath is of good quality. Without air filtration, the levels of organic compounds and inorganic gases in our homes air may become concerning. We may begin to ask ourselves, how can we improve our indoor air quality? Substances in unfiltered air within our homes may pose serious health risks if breathed over long periods of time. But what makes activated carbon air filters superior than other options, and what are the benefits of using a carbon air filter? 1. Improved health There is a lot of stray particles and irritants in the air around us. If we are to feel our best, it is important that these substances are removed. Dust, pollen, mold, pet hair and dander, or other allergens that can have a large enough influence on the body to begin to make you feel dizzy and fatigued. It is important that any air filter be of high enough quality to remove these allergens can show significant

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